Lost or Stolen Packages

Lost or Stolen Packages 

Should your order become lost, stolen or damaged during transit, you will need to contact the mail carrier regarding information on your package. Please check your email or log into your HEA account and view your orders to get your tracking number.


Who Files The Claim?

You are responsible for filing your own claim or find missing mail form. We are not responsible for tracking down your package. We do not the resources to locate it for you. We can only provide you with the same info you can see from the tracking info online.  Your mail carrier will have access to more information. Below we have provided you with the customer service phone numbers and website link to help with your search. 


USPS Customer Service: 1-800-275-8777
To file a claim with the United States Post Office click here
UPS Customer Service: 1-800-742-5877
To file your claim with the United Postal Service click here 


Not sure which mail carrier to contact? UPS tracking number will start with 1Z. USPS tracking numbers will start with the digit 9.  


Was My Package Insured?

If your order came with standard/free shipping, your order may not have been insured. Insurance automatically applied to your order, if upgraded shipping was chosen at checkout. Please contact USPS or UPS to verify whether your packaged included insurance. 


Who Is Responsible For Issuing A Refund?

The United Postal Service (USPS) or United Postal Service (UPS) will be solely responsible once the items have been shipped. If you upgraded your shipping to include insurance, the mail carrier you chose will be responsible in issuing you a refund. If you selected standard standard (no insurance), you would be responsible for all losses. No refunds nor replacements would be sent by either Happily Ever Aften nor the mail carrier. Neither parties would be reliable. 


Our Policy

Once your package leaves our shipping department, Happily Ever Aften is not held responsible for errors made within the shipping service, provided by USPS or UPS. We do refund nor send replacements for items that are marked "delivered", become lost or stolen in the mail, or damaged during transit. Happily Ever Aften will not refund nor replace any items that are shipped to an incorrect address at the fault of the buyer. Same goes for any order placed with standard shipping, that become lost or stolen. YOU MUST CONTACT THE MAIL CARRIER FOR REFUNDS. USPS or UPS have been paid to service you with the fulfillment of your order. If their shipping service should falter in anyway, they are solely responsible in making things right.